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Precious Metal 2004 Video
(~ 4 MB ~ 1 minute)

Spirit of Texas 2004
(~7 MB ~ 2 minutes)

Watch our
Reno Unlimited's Gold Race 2005 Video (~ 72 MB! ~ 20 minutes)

or download the
small video version
(~32 MB ~ 10 minutes)

'Die Rote 7'
Watch the Me-109 fly at the Oppenheim
Airshow 2005 (file size ~ 6.5 MB)

The Royal Jordanian Falcons
Oppenheim Airshow 2005
(file size ~ 5.5 MB)

Miss Merced 2000
high quality
(file size ~ 10 MB)

Rare Bear 2003
high quality
(file size ~ 15 MB)

Miss Merced 2000
small version
(file size ~ 1.7 MB)

Rare Bear 2003
small version
(file size ~ 2.3 MB)

Biplanes 2003
(file size ~ 1.6 MB)

Critical Mass
engine start
(file size ~ 2.2 MB)

Formula One
Bronze Race 2003
(file size ~ 2 MB)

Formula One
Gold Race 2003
(file size ~ 2.4 MB)

Miss Merced
engine start
(file size ~ 2.1 MB)

Sports Class 2003
(file size ~ 2.2 MB)

The T6
Gold Race 2003
(file size ~ 2 MB)

Unlimited's Gold Race 2003
Saturday Take Off
(file size ~ 6.3 MB)

The Unlimited's Gold 2003
Saturday Racing
(file size ~ 13.5 MB)

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To turn on the sound you might have to turn up the volume of the real player program too.
If you want to listen to better quality sounds we recommend David McGriffy's recordings.


Critical Mass engine start-up

All following files are smaller than 1 MB.

Miss America fly-by Sparky taxying Furias taxying Critical Mass rollin' in
Blyakmoose taxying SeaHawk rollin' by Miss Trinidad approaching Sparky taxying
Miracle Maker taxying Lady Jo rollin' by Unlimiteds gathering for take-off Dago Red taxying
Sea Hawk rollin' into place We wanna fly! SeaHawk turning Miss America taxying